The Board of Ponderosa Hills Civic Association meets monthly at 7:00 p.m. and meetings usually last about two hours depending on the business that we are conducting.

If you are interested in a special committee but unable to dedicate one night a month, please let us know as well.  We would like all residents to be involved in the community.

Contact [email protected] for details on upcoming meetings and open board/committee positions.

The Board of Directors of the Ponderosa Hills Civic Association is a group of volunteers with diverse backgrounds, knowledge and skills but with a common, abiding interest in this lovely community.  The Board of Directors facilitates communication and organizes activities to benefit PHCA members and Ponderosa Hills residents.

Serving on the Board enables members to contribute talent and skills while learning more about issues affecting the community. A term of service is two-years. Five seats are made available for election every year. Unfilled seats may be filled by the board from submitted applications.  

Seats that become available during the year can be filled immediately, if a candidate is available, or at the next General Meeting.


T.J. Schneider

[email protected]

Vice President

Richard Moore

[email protected]


Ben Vik

[email protected]


Julie Brown

[email protected]