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The Ponderosa Hills Civic Association is a voluntary association that serves the Ponderosa Hills Community in Douglas County Colorado.

Dumpster Day 2020 – Sept 19th, 8:30am – 11:30am – Open Space

REMINDER: Members benefit from one free load (approx. 2.5 cubic yards or a full-sized pickup bed full) in the dumpster, with additional similar sized loads at $50.

  • Once the available dumpsters are full no more loads will be accepted
  • There will be slash collection and metal recycling available as well
  • There will be NO support provided for unloading at the dumpster/slash/metal due to social distancing guidelines
  • Please ensure that whatever you bring you can unload
  • Volunteers will still be supporting check-in and providing directions. 
  • Please wear masks when interacting for the health and safety of our volunteers. 


There will be no food trucks this week in the open space. There will be food trucks every other week in September (9/8, 9/22). Starting in October the trucks will only come every other week (1st and 3rd week). 
We will provide updates on the food trucks prior to the event. 

Due to the internet connectivity issues in the open space the food trucks will only be accepting walk-up orders with credit card payments. Please continue to abide by all Federal and State regulations (social distancing, group sizing, face coverings, etc). Email board@ponderosahills.com if you have any questions.

Food Trucks are subject to change. Please check the website for any updates on food trucks.

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