Update on communal Water Adjudication

LAST CHANCE! Deadline January 30, 2009!

Current status: 243 Adjudicated; 77 almost complete; 55 left to go!

Update on current effort: The Adjudication effort for 77 people from whom the Adjudication committee have received completed forms and checks for $75 will move to the courts as soon as Gary Crosby from Petrock & Fendel triple checks all of the information. Owners will receive letters of adjudication once the decrees are filled and approved by the courts. This will take a few months.

What we have discovered:

  • The January, 2007 newsletter had an incorrect list of adjudicated lots – all properties were listed! Our sincere apologies for the confusion.
  • Homeowners who adjudicated in the 70’s did so for the Dawson – not the Denver, Arapahoe and Laramie-Fox tributaries. If you have not yet adjudicated again, you can join in this effort.
  • You are adjudicated if you have the Adjudication Letter Documentation.
  • Adjudication/Water Rights transfer to new owners when you sell your home.
Read on if you have not yet adjudicated your water rights.

Why adjudicate

A detailed description was sent out with the letter, and the accompanying post on this site.
Below is a quick overview:

Current water laws allow us an exemption to adjudicate our wells – the water shortage adjudication is like an insurance policy which gives us rights to our water. No one HAS to adjudicate; however, for the reason just given it is a good idea. One property owner did it by himself – it cost him $800. Current costs are $800-1200.

If our current wells were to dry up (possible scenarios in 20-30 years) we could either

  • Sell our water rights to a water district. Tap fees could be $20K-$30K, but for those of us who own our water (are adjudicated) fees could go down to around $10K. (This scenario was given to use by Gary Crosby at Petrock and Fendel)
  • Or, another scenario would be when Ponderosa Hills would have to dig “community wells”- much deeper wells which will be extremely expensive. Those who have adjudicated would have water to contribute.

For help:

A copy of all the paperwork that was sent out is on this website (letter, background information, consent form).

The address to send the information to:

Linda Manassee Buell
7532 Deertrail Drive
Parker CO 80138

If you have questions please call Shelly at (303) 513-2098, and she will be glad to help you out. Let’s get ‘er done!

FYI: We are getting a great deal (1/2 price) of only $75 from the law firm – ALL monies received go directly to Petrock & Fendel.

Disclaimer: Ponderosa Hills Civic Association is not providing legal advice or future guarantees. All legal questions should be directed to Petrock and Fendel or a Colorado licensed water attorney.

…Last deadline is January 30th, 2009.