Dumpster Days: List of Unacceptable Items

Tires, Propane tanks, Asbestos, Motor Oil, Vents, Car Batteries, Antifreeze, Liquid Paint, Appliances, Solvents, Chemicals, Batteries, Electronics, Dirt, Florescent tubes, Industrial Waste, Railroad ties, Medical Waste, Oil filters, Hazardous materials, Herbicides and Pesticides, Dead animals, Radioactive material, Barrels, Any liquids, Aerosol cans

This year residents who have not paid their membership by June 30 will be charged a $50 membership fee for the rest of the year which will include the first load at dumpster day. A load is considered the equivalent of what can be loaded into a pickup bed. Additional loads may be allowed if there is space and will incur an additional $50 charge per load. PHCA Board reserves the right to turn away any items or loads they consider unacceptable or excessive.

Metal Recycling on Dumpster Day

Our Metal recycler on Dumpster Day is Matt’s Maintenance. He will recycle items that are substantially metal. Metal appliances are also accepted. Electronic items are NOT accepted.

Slash Items on Dumpster Day

Matt’s Maintenance is also providing the chipper on Dumpster Day. Logs up to 10” in diameter are acceptable. Dirt is NOT acceptable. Also the slash must be free of metal, cement, nails or other items that are non organic and could damage the chipper. You must plan to do your own unloading and must stay with the load until it has been chipped. Last year we had a great many abusers so the rules will be must stricter this year. You will not be allowed to just dump and leave.



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