2014 News


This year the annual Pancake Breakfast at the Park will be held on the morning of July 26th. We will be serving pancakes, sausage, coffee and juice from 9am to 11am. We are inviting the South Metro Fire squad again this year; they were very well received last year. We will also try to invite someone from the Sheriff’s office and possibly a local Parke Police officer who is assigned to our general area. This will give folks an opportunity to talk about speeding and security issues in our neighborhood.
We are going to invite our horsey neighbors to again ride-in to the breakfast. This year Ron Fish has volunteered to organize a Trail Ride to follow the breakfast. It should be great fun and I encourage you to participate.
The Ponderosa Hills Park is at the intersection of Piney Creek and Woodland Trail. It is nature grasses and other weedy things so don’t expect green grass to play on.

Dumpster Day is scheduled for August 23rd this year. This is always a very popular event. PHCA members are allowed one load with their membership. A second load is $15. Non members will need to become members by paying the $30 membership fee if they want to take advantage of dumpster day. The board will have 3 to 4 dumpsters for household trash, a chipper for tree slash and a donation truck for goods to donate. In the past we have also had a metal recycler and we will try to again secure their services.

Have you noticed the tree trimming truck in the area? These folks have been contracted by IREA to clear trees and branches from the power easement areas. I spoke with the manager and he informed me that they trim and mulch the branches and cut the downed trees into logs. They have not been contracted to remove the mulch and logs so they leave the mulch and the stack of logs for whoever wants them. If you want either of these items feel free to collect them from the easement areas. Please note though, if they are on someone’s property you need to ask for permission to gather them up.

XCEL offers electromagnetic emissions equipment to use to monitor the power lines along the edges of Ponderosa Hills. They will provide the equipment and a training session on how to use and record the emission levels. Please contact president@ponderosahills.com if you are interested. I have two people so far who have expressed an interest and I need to know if there are any others before we schedule a training with the Excel engineer.

They have started construction and are moving large areas of dirt. They have started from the Gartrell Rd entrance side and are working toward Inspiration Dr.

I recently received an automated call supposedly from the IRS. I was requested to call202-506-8045 before they started legal action against me. I did a reserve phone number look-up on that number which directed me to a business called Ymax Oration in Maryland. The internet returned all kinds of scam alerts on this company. BE AWARE. THIS CALL WAS A SCAM. Don’t fall for it if you receive a similar call.

TTThatss Allll Folks!!!!


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