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PHCA Annual Meeting

The annual meeting will be Thursday evening, Sept 22nd from 7:00 to 9:00 pm at the Parker Senior Center (10675 Longs Way). You are invited to bring a snack to share. Following is the agenda:


Guest Speakers – Rhett Everett, USGS Well Water Concerns

Presentation of Donations: Einar Jensen, South Metro Fire District and Ron Hanavan, Fallen Officer’s Fund

Guest Speaker – Einar Jensen, Fire Safety

Treasurer’s Report for 2016

Roads Update

Question and Answer


Dumpster Day – This annual event was August 13th and was another big success. We had over 60 residents participate in bringing items for the dumpster, slash to the chipper, metal to recycle, and items to donate. This activity saves our residents lots of money and really helps to clean up the neighborhood. I heard lots of sincere thank you’s from participants.

Fire Safety – signs are out and you all may have seen the burned lot at Ponderosa and Pine.  We all need to be diligent about fire safety. Talk to smokers and litterers in your household. Limb up your trees and mow your fields. It only takes one thoughtless gesture to destroy our homes and neighborhood.

Ponderosa Drive – work has begun and we are told the paving will be complete by Labor Day. There will be a walking/riding path alongside the road wherever possible.

Enjoy the cooling days!

Ponderosa Hills Civic Association Minutes of the Annual Meeting September 16, 2015

PHCA Annual Meeting –  Sept 16, 2015

Message from the PHCA Board

Ponderosa Hills is a beautiful area with acreage and wildlife. We may not always appreciate the abundance or variety of wildlife we have, especially when they are munching our roses. The animals however, are an important part of why our subdivision retains its country feel. Though not hunters ourselves, we can appreciate the sport of stalking and tracking an animal in the wild. We can also appreciate the need of some who may be looking to bag an animal to fill up meager stores. All that said, we don’t view our residential subdivision as either an appropriate or safe hunting area. Nor is it much sport or a demonstration of skill to shoot down animals who are so tame that they will stand only a few feet from people and who follow an established circuit in their travel each day.

The recent incident reported to the Board involved longtime residents who shot two deer on their property. We fully acknowledge that this was not an illegal action: appropriate hunting licenses and tags were secured. However, in our opinion the residents demonstrated a very clear lack of sufficient regard for the safety of their neighbors. The neighbors were forced to take cover behind their barn as bullets whizzed by their heads.

Luckily these residents have bagged their limit this year, but they are not the only PHCA residents who have
licenses and tags to hunt here this season. We plead with you hunters; unless you never miss and can bring down your prey with a single shot, please exercise your sport in an area where you can safely discharge your weapon without endangering any person. We may have 3 and 4 acre lots in our area but, as shown below, that is insufficient space to fully exhaust bullets from modern hunting guns. You might also try your hand at truly wild animals instead of the half tame ones around Ponderosa Hills. Think about the repercussions if you injure or kill a neighbor. We would not be able to think of this act as an accident.


Rifle Range
The ‘maximum projectile range’ tells you at what distances your firearm’s projectile could cause injury
or damage to persons, animals, or objects. SOURCE: Colorado State Hunter’s Education Course


Latest Eblasts


June 3rd, 2015 Meeting with Carl Nelson on Inspiration Colorado Development

In attendance: Carl Nelson with Inspiration Colorado development NASH Inspiration, Marsha Osborn with City of Aurora Neighborhood Liason, Jerry Banks PHCA Roads Chairman, Steve Weinrich PH resident, John De Leon PH resident, Sandra Fish PHCA Secretary, Cathy Lichty PHCA President

The Inspiration Colorado development area (north of Inspiration between Antelope Trail and Summit Ridge Road) is to be divided into 55 and over areas and traditional single family homes. All units in the area are planned to be single family homes on individual lots. There will be no apartment, condo units, or patio homes in this development. Toll Brothers will be a builder for the 55+ development and will offer upscale ranch style homes with and without basements. The 55+ Community Clubhouse will not have a restaurant. It may have a snack bar but will not be open or available to the general public.

The traditional development area will include a pool and clubhouse. There is also a plot designated to Douglas County Schools for a K-8 schools site. The development of the school will be up to the Douglas County School Board. Until this school is in place the children in this development will be attending the Pine Lane Schools, Sierra Middle School and Chaparral High School. Also planned for this development will be a bike path and possibly a dog park and Mountain bike course.

The new Inspiration Lane will connect to Inspiration Drive via a round-about across from Antelope Trail. The round-about and new road already exist and will be paved within the next few weeks. The connection from Inspiration Dr to Gartrell via the new Inspiration Lane is planned when there are 300 permits issued.  There are currently at 250 therefore, paving will begin soon and is projected to be completed by end of summer.  The connection of Gartrell to Inspiration Dr near Summit Ridge Rd. will not be constructed until there are 750 permits issued.  That is expected to take about 3 years.  The total project will take about 5 years to complete. Construction impact along Inspiration Drive is expected to last no more than two weeks. The road will remain open during construction but alternate routes are advised. Over time, as drivers get used to the new connection to Gartrell, traffic east of Antelope Trail along Inspiration Drive is expected to decrease substantially.